Q Collection

Cocoa is the soul of chocolate. By stating this, we open a wide range of possibilities to indulge in the pureness of this product, in different degrees. This is precisely what the Q Collection aims at: a sensorial trip to the chocolate’s soul, offering sophisticated flavours with high standards of excellence. There are eight ranges of chocolate bars with higher and lower cocoa liquor percentages: Q50 – Barra Fazenda; Q55 – Gaturamo Verdadeiro; Q60 Cuiuba; Q65 Tucano Verdadeiro; Q75 Macaco Jupará; Q80 – Porco Espinho Luís-Caixeiro; Q85 – Tatu Verdadeiro; e Q95 – Guaxe.

In this context, from the moment you see the chocolate bar package illustrated with wild animals from the Brazilian fauna, until you actually taste it, it feels like being in a forest, rich in shapes, scents and flavors.

Realizing the degree of pureness in these bars is both a gastronomic and an aesthetic experience.

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