Q Inspiration

Inspiration aims at realizing big ideas, setting objectives to be met, and targeting excellence. That’s why inspiration is the human bond that connects us with something not bound to the test of time — the quest for eternity, the willingness to go beyond the here and now. The Q Inspiration range, and its pureness ideals, aims at creating products to help you expand your cocoa knowledge. This range consists of brownies, cakes, chocolate sauces, biscuits, butter cookies and, to harmonize with these confections, a fine cup of coffee, made of special roasts to produce a unique flavor.

The range that comprises these yummy treats pays a well-deserved tribute to cocoa. With the Q Inspiration products, you are encouraged to taste flavors that help enhance the palate. This implies courage and daring, two words that fully describe Q Inspiration: courage to seek out new experiences, and daring to widen your horizons, based on these experiences.

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