Q Universe

Only love knows beauty in detail. When we love, we almost inevitably seek to learn everything about our beloved object. In this regard, art plays an important role: it guides people into a state of genuine excitement, in which heart and brain are connected to tenderly contemplate beauty in all its glory. As for CHOCOLATE Q, which is part of what we named The Q Universe, beauty has an intrinsic value:

chocolate is artistically built cocoa.

It’s not just about a product or a group of products, but rather a concept – a goal of an artistic realization, supported by a basic and simple assumption: sophistication means fidelity to nature. This assumption describes the Q Universe, which has the cocoa forest as a paradigm, the rural labor force as the means, the accuracy in handcraft as the differential, and expression of kindness and beauty as the ultimate goal. Everything highlighted by this idea has an undeniable standard of excellence: The Q Collection chocolates, the Tropical Empire Collection’s candles and vases, the Q0 Chocolate Box and Q Inspiration Collection’s biscuits.

Get to know the Q Universe and engage in this worldview.

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